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Comrade Encrypted Mobile provides innovative technical solutions for automation of data movement and protecting sensitive data. Our aim is to provide user friendly high quality PGP encryption for wireless / mobile devices . We ensure that your business sensitive data remains secure in both rest and movement as you communicate.
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End to end mobile encrypted services, ensuring 100% privacy.


Strong encryption methods and secure server locations in Russia are the key tools we use to ensure privacy and trust to our customers.


We offer technical support. Worldwide dealer support.


We believe in a successful, productive and long lasting relationships and industry standard implementations to provide and meet customers needs.
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Send emails using PGP Encryption

All encryption occurs on your device before transmission and can only be decrypted by the intended recipient.

What is Blackberry PGP Encryption?

The Comrade Blackberry PGP email encryption devices are the most familiar way to communicate safely. This Comrade Blackberry PGP has been specially developed to communicate without the risk that the information sent can be intercepted and decrypted. The Comrade Blackberry PGP encrypts the information namely in such a way that even if this information is intercepted all messaging remains encrypted.

How Does the Blackberry PGP Email Encrypt?

The Comrade Blackberry mobile phones PGP is only possible to communicate with another PGP Blackberry phone. In fact, the microphone, GPS, and Text messaging of the Blackberry have been disabled and normal calls and other methods of sending messages are not possible.

Is Communicating with Blackberry PGP Safe?

PGP is a proven and secure encryption method that allows users a high encryption standard in their hands at e-mail accounts of the Blackberry via BES servers. It is a very user friendly system, and you can communicate with all other PGP Blackberry companies that have applied to other domains. The standard encryption we use our PGP platform is RSA 4096 bits with AES 256. True end to end encryption. PGP has no back doors, and this was proven by distributing the source code publicly. Not many encryption apps or software will provide source code publicly for fear of exposing weaknesses or back doors.


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